Sinfar and NWN:EE compatibility

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Sinfar and NWN:EE compatibility

Postby Mavrixio » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:16 pm

Sinfar won't move to NWN:EE server for now:
- Reimplementing all our server-side features in the new nwserver executable will be a lot of work and doing so while the NWN:EE nwserver is getting regular updates would be painful.
- Everyone would have to switch to the NWN:EE client
- The NWN:EE client is not stable enough and doesn't have enough new features to turn me on.

Instead, I made Sinfar 1.69 server compatible with the NWN:EE client, so if you have NWN:EE, you can join Sinfar by direct-connecting to: (5122, 5123...) and SinfarX is compatible with the Windows NWN:EE client:

When NWN:EE will be more stable and with more features, we will move to it, but for now and probably for the next year, the 1.69 client will be the official client.

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