Staff Structure - Where to report

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Staff Structure - Where to report

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In before the "Duh, Sunset, all we have to do is look at the colors to know who does what!"
- There seems to be a good deal of confusion when it comes to staff positions, largely when it comes to who to send what to when it comes to making reports. I'd like to address this straight up because I'm honestly a bit tired of hearing "the dm team does nothing" only to be told "well I sent it to Mav!" when I ask where exactly they went for help.

+ Da Boss Man
- Mavrixio
-- Mavrixio is obviously our host and administrator, who fills his days making the systems we love to abuse on Sinfar. Things to report to him? Not much. Mav isn't here to deal with day to day player problems on the server. If it's an issue with server structure, mechanics, severe system bugs, etc? Post it in the problems section, Mav does review it, and gets to fixing things. He has the rest of the team to deal with other things. Screenshots and reports sent to Mav are largely wasted, the dm team often won't see them, likely nothing will come of it. The DM team communicates with Mav when final decisions are made relating to bans, or disputes involving important enough matters to require his attention.

+ The Old Admins
- XStorm
-- XStorm handles a lot of our system structures, dungeon works, and backs the dms up when we need it. Storm is pretty hands full when it comes to what he's doing for Sinfar. Things to report to Storm are system problems with trophies, CAC/SC/HVH/Witch/Shard stuff, etc. Storm also isn't here to deal with day to day player issues.

- Xordac
-- Xordac handles a lot of server side support, and largely focuses on general support. Xordac generally doesn't deal with any other issues though he's a great source of neutral advice for the DM team when we are discussing issues. Not someone to send reports to, use the bug section on the forums. Xordac also handles the Dread Server, which has no DMs.

+ The DM Team
- Spankitty
-- DM Spankitty is the actual head DM on All Servers and can be sent issues regarding matters on Sinfar Isles, Arche Terre and Outer Isles, including player issues and conflicts, concerns and questions. Spankitty is english & french speaking and hovers as boss by interim over the servers.

- Badger
-- DM Badger is DM on All Servers and can be sent issues regarding matters on Sinfar Isles, Arche Terre and Outer Isles, including player issues and conflicts, concerns and questions. Badger is english speaking , also takes care of the other Dungeons and other builder/building issues.

Things to be aware of:
+ The DM team is where 99% of reports should go to.
- Screenshots are required for us to do anything. They need to be unedited, uncropped screenshots. Concerns about rule breaks, concerns about harassment, concerns about anything that isn't a mechanical issue or server systems need to come to the DM team. If they are sent to the Admins, it is entirely likely that the DM team will never hear about it, and thus nothing will come of it, simply because the Admins are flooded with stuff that isn't part of their work, and things in that flood get missed - not by intention, but simply by sheer volume. Sinfar has a DM team to deal with these issues so the Admin team is free to focus on server support specifically, rather than direct player support.

+ The DM team communicates with each other actively.
- Staff switching is against the rules! If someone comes to us about anything, expect that we all know about it. Expect that it will reflect very poorly when we cross wires when a player is found bouncing between us trying to get the most favorable option. Most of the time talking to one of us is talking to all of us, as we rarely take action without discussing it, unless action is required to be taken quite quickly.

+ The easiest way to contact the DM team is a forum PM to the DM group, or the Sinfar Discord via the DM request channel with @mentions.
- The webclient and dm channel may easily be missed as we do not get specific alerts for them. Yelling at us for not jumping to your aid and complaining that we never do anything to the DM channel will likely just result in us seeing it hours later and shaking our heads. We are not omnipresent - we do our best to be aware and present to support the server but we're human and have things to do. Remember that we're players too - so often we're off rping, and our RP accounts don't see the DM channel.

To contact one of us via the forums, go here:
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