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Sinfar Discord Server

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No more Skype... between the glitches, advertisements, Microsoft what want to force us to use it, it is just less user friendly and has fewer features.

So if you want to contact someone that is not in game or on the web client, send them files, share music, talk... join our Discord server:
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Re: Sinfar Discord Server

Post by Sunset-Sojourn »

As a note:

The sinfar discord hosts a #dm_requests channel.

If you have a posted forum request for char customization or housing on sinifer or outer isles that has been approved, please feel free to post there with an @Dungeon Masters or @Sunset-Sojourn - if I am available I will log in to see to it. This isn't a promise that I am always available though. I'm vaguely hopeful that this will allow a bit more efficiency with requests, as these days I haven't had the time to keep my eye on the webclient, but discords notifications will reach me easily enough.

When posting please include the link to your request.

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Sinfar Discord :