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Player Housing

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Rules, Provisos, Limitations..
- ONE Airship and ONE other property per map, per Player (NOT per character). The Council has no patience for would-be slum lords and property developers.
- Residents have a responsibility to keep their properties presentable. Obnoxiously large or strange exterior doors will be made inaccessible. Make it fit, make it appropriate.

Rental Agreement
Esus is a social place. A bare minimum of participation is encouraged!
- Read your welcome packet (or Bouquet). Some basic information about the homeowner will help integrate characters into the area and may come to be reflected of the lore and makeup of the area.
- Odd things happen to hermits, and those on bad terms with their neighbours.
Rent is payable to Robecca the Dockmasters' Assistant, Zorscha the Realtor in Shimmersand Plaza or at the World Realtor in the OOC.

Most properties on Esus are custom built on request. Please PM Tzerys to discuss.
Aesthetic tweaks to exteriors on pre-existing properties are encouraged. There is no charge for this service, but changes will be made as and when I have time and only if they fit the area in question. Please PM Tzerys to discuss.
All available tilesets in the Esus hakset are enabled for Player Housing within its' borders as default. Interior space is limited only by what you can afford, within reasonable server limits. Kindly do not abuse this, or repercussions shall occur.
Changes and upgrades to your properties' dimensions (size and number of areas) after the point of purchase must be handled via DM, and are subject to whatever fees they currently deem necessary. Submit these requests here -

I am generally happy to support roleplay for characters with a presence in Esus however I can. It is my goal for public spaces to come to represent the populace, both NPC and PC. To that end, like all else - Please PM Tzerys to discuss ideas and potential.
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