Do you want to run your own side server?

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Do you want to run your own side server?

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There's currently slots available to run a side server with all Sinfar features: web tools, housing, web client, character customization, SinfarX... but with your scripts/areas/classes changes...

I wont be helping you or get involve in anyway, but only provide the hosting, for 20$/month.

The conditions are:
- It must be 18+ (Even if ERP is not allowed... just because the haks include nude body parts)
- It must not be a sandbox like Sinfar, so it must have a specific game play and it must be different than other side servers.
- There's no limit in terms of "module" size or number of players but the memory and CPU usage if your server process must be acceptable. You don't really have to worry about this point, just don't push it to much by putting 100+ creatures in the same area.

If you are interested, the best is that you contact me on discord: (Mavrixio#4356)
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