Guide to OOC(Out of Character) vs IC(In Character)

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Guide to OOC(Out of Character) vs IC(In Character)

Post by XStorm »

We have been getting a lot of new players from a vast amount of different types of servers: pvp based, action based; etc. And many of them are having trouble grasping the concepts of what RP is, and the difference between IC, and OOC.
Here is a quick guide to help those that are having problems, or for people that are RPing for the first time. Situations that happen IC, should stay IC; and experiences that happen OOC, should stay OOC. Blurring between the two can cause many problem, and these should always stay separate.

OOC(Out of Character)

-This is you, the player's comments, and additions to a conversation. Your character doesn't say this, and this should never be taken in RP as something that another character says.
-All OOC comments should be marked in some fashion. Most people use either // or ((xxxxxxxxx)) to mark that whatever follows the slashes, or anything encased in between the markers is OOC.
-OOC comments should be kept to a minimum in public channels; this interrupts the flow of what's going on, and can be very disruptive to others around the ooc situation. Take it to PMs, or party, where it doesn't irritate anyone else.
-Don't use IC to demonstrate your OOC dislikes of another character, or player. IE: Emoting in such a way that oocly pokes fun at, harasses; or otherwise badgers other players.

IC(In Character)

-This is what your character, not you; the player, is saying; and doing. Dialogue, and conversations between events, and casual situations between two, or more characters. This includes emotes as well; which detail the actions that your character is making.
-Dialogue shouldn't be marked, but marks should be used to indicate what your character is actually doing, most people use *xxxxxxxxx*, while others might use -xxxxxxxx- where everything between the markers is an action; rather than spoken dialogue.
-Don't use switchtalking. This greatly annoys many people, and makes it much more difficult to read.IE: "Don't do this." My character is doing this.
-Don't use veiled ICness to convey OOCness, it's poor form; and often leads to issues both IC, and OOC in the end.