Frequently Asked Questions (Please read if here 1st time)

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Frequently Asked Questions (Please read if here 1st time)

Postby Kaala » Sun May 31, 2015 2:41 am

How do I register on the forum?

When you come to register on this forum one of the more confusing aspects is that you are asked to provide a secret answer that can be found on a board in the welcome area. The way this is worded one would assume that the welcome area is on this forum and the board is one of the boards here. This is not the case. This Welcome room we are talking about is not on this forum at all, but instead is a part of the game. It is a buffer module that players log into the first time they connect to the game. In this welcome room is a literal board. A sign that has the code you need written on it.

How can I log into Sinfar to get the code I need to register on the forum if to log into Sinfar I need special Hak files to get in?

The welcome room is a buffer module that players log into the first time they connect to the game, no haks are needed in this area, this is also the same area where you can get your secret log in code for this forum.

How do I get to Sinfar so I can get the "secret answer or code" I need to then be able to register on this forum?

To get into Sinfar for the first time you will need to direct connect to the server using the IP address

Why do I need a special code to register on this forum?

The context of this forum assumes you have a copy of Neverwinter Nights 1.69 (Diamond) that you can use to play Sinfar, this also functions as a security feature that proves your a human not a bot.

I am very interested in playing on Sinfar where can I get a copy of Neverwinter Nights so I can play?

Sinfar uses the NEVERWINTER NIGHTS DIAMOND game to run as a module. You can buy yourself a copy here www.
All you need is the $9.99 Neverwinter Nights Diamond edition to get started.

Scratch that... GoG/Beamdog removed it in favor of the EE build which is not compatible with us and many other servers... as if no one played on Sinfar. The way to get it now is from a friend, you can ask on discord:

I got the Neverwinter Nights game but I can't find Sinfar on the server list how do I find Sinfar so I can log in?

The GameSpy service that use to populate the list of servers for the Neverwinter nights game is no longer functioning. Your first time running the game you will not see Sinfar or any other servers on the Internet list tab. You will need to direct connect to them first, then they will remain in your history and you can add them to your favorites list. Sinfars direct connect IP address is

My version of Neverwinter Nights is not (1.69) how do I make it (1.69) so that I can join the Sinfar server?
You need the Critical Rebuild Patch found here ... n-sou-hotu Download it and run it. Say yes to any pop ups and let it install, this will update your version of Neverwinter Nights to (1.69) and fix any possible missing resources.

Why do I keep getting corrupted hak files that do not unpack properly?

Do not try to down load more then one hak at a time..monitor your down loads, if they cant extract and you keep getting corrupted files it is because you have a bandwidth or memory related problem. After each download test it by trying to unpack it, if It will not unpack try to download it this after a fresh restart of your pc, run no other programs, open no other unnecessary windows or tabs, download only one hak at a time.

I have tried everything in this FAQ but I cant get anything to work and I need help is there some one I can contact?

Send your questions here to so we can help you, your question may be added to this FAQ.

Whats so special about such an old game why do people even come here to play, why would it be worth all the trouble?

One of the first things to know is that NWN mods are not at all like other mods. A typical mod alters the main campaign of whatever game its tied to, while a NWN Module (.mod) is basically a game within itself. A hakpack (.hak) is more like what an esp file does. Modders can use hakpacks to add in custom content to their Modules. Therefore, servers like Sinfar are like mini MMOs. The module is a custom world with custom scripts and features, that contains hakpacks which add all the extra-engine content (The stuff you can't get right out of the box, like adult animations.) This makes Sinfar a very NEW game in its own right. It is supported and updated with new content regularly and its content is created by players for players in an active community.

If Sinfar is like its own mini MMO how much do I have to pay to play there?

Sinfar is free to play.

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